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There’s nothing we love more than a great packaging redesign, especially when it’s a redesign of a food product! We had the privilege of working with E&C’s Snacks, a Minneapolis-based cookie company, recently designing their logo, packaging design and tagline.

Here are three recent package redesigns that we love.

Blue Bunny


The bunny is back, baby! We love the modern, sleek look of Blue Bunny’s new logo. The choice of font and emphasis on clean-cut imagery makes for an attractive package.

Agency: pearlfisher

Market Pantry


Market Pantry, one of Target’s many private labels, is turning heads with their recent packaging redesign. We’re a fan of the fresh-looking logo, large typeface and bold imagery. Market Pantry’s bright red and white color scheme is synonymous with Target, and bringing that center stage was a smart move. The previous design system lacked personality and appeared rather bland, typical of generic brands. But now Market Pantry redefines “private label” with this exciting redesign.

Agency: pearlfisher

Swedish Fish


Swedish Fish gets a face-lift! The popular candy brand’s iconic red fish is now featured in the center of the package. The font, once retro and seemingly dull, is now modernized and fun. The classic yellow and light blue color scheme remains, but is given life with a playful wave.

Agency: Bulletproof

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