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Does Organic Lemonade Taste Better?

The July heat is in full force, and one of the best ways to cool down is with a refreshing glass of lemonade. Which brand should you use to cool off while sitting in the sun? In our recent blind taste test, we put three lemonades to the test to see which we deem the most refreshing.

The Contestants:

Newman’s Own
Cost: $0.04/fluid ounce
Taste and appearance: The first lemonade we blindly tasted was Newman’s Own. At first look, it had a very deep, nice yellow look to it, looking the most like true lemonade. When we tasted it, almost everyone thought it had a sweet, and then very sour, tart taste to it.
Packaging: Newman’s Own is an older brand, so the name alone gives it a different level of trustworthiness than the others, however, we thought the packaging could use a little bit of an update.

Simply Lemonade
Cost: $0.05/fluid ounce
Taste and Appearance: While looking at it, we were able to see the pulp, which gave it a more natural and organic appeal to us. When tasting it, we realized that it had a really great balance between sweet and sour, which made it the most refreshing.
Packaging: Simply Lemonade was our favorite packaging of them all because it was simple and modern.

Santa Cruz Organic
Cost: $0.11/fluid ounce
Taste and Appearance: We were thrown off by its dark yellow, almost brown, color and off-putting smell. None of us were impressed with how it tasted it either. It just lacked a true, clean lemonade flavor.
Packaging: We liked that it was simple, like Simply Lemonade’s, but what we thought really gave it a premium feel was its glass bottle, something neither of the other two had. However, we didn’t feel the packaging justified the cost.

The Results:


So which will we be using to cool down for the rest of the summer? Simply Lemonade. Its reasonable cost, perfect sweet/sour balance, and sleek packaging made it our favorite.

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