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Vanilla Ice Cream: Is Premium Worth The Price?

Summer and ice cream go hand-in-hand, but which brand is most cone-worthy? In our latest blind taste test, we tested three vanilla ice cream brands of varying price points to see if a premium brand is worth the extra cost.

The Contestants:
Häagen-Dazs – $0.28/fluid ounce
Edy’s – $0.13/fluid ounce
Kemps – $0.07/fluid ounce

The Results:

We kicked off our blind tasting with Häagen-Dazs. This ice cream had a natural look, creamy texture, and natural vanilla flavor. We all agreed it tasted like a premium ice cream. We then moved on to Edy’s. Several people noted that it lacked the true vanilla flavor the first one had. The final one we tested was classic Kemps. It was very soft and airy, but it tasted slightly artificial and was a little too yellow in appearance.

From a marketing standpoint, we liked the simplicity of Häagen-Dazs’ packaging the most. It had clear graphics and a single vanilla flower on the front. The packaging for Edy’s seemed more playful, incorporating stars and hearts into the design. Kemps’ packaging had a classic design with prominent product photography. Each of the brands used a similar color palette, but design elements, typography, and graphics gave each a distinctively different feel, from old-fashioned to upscale.

The winner? We simply couldn’t get over Häagen-Dazs’ flavor and smooth, creamy texture. For a truly indulgent summer treat, this is the ice cream to choose. But for a simple root beer float—or if you’re serving a crowd—Edy’s or Kemps would be a better overall value.

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