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Butter’s Back!

Great news! With the growing focus on real ingredients, butter is making a big comeback in the food world—and the one you choose can have a big impact on taste. In our brand test, we found out which one is worthy of your bread!

The Contestants:


Land O’ Lakes – $4.79 for 4 sticks
Essential Everyday – $3.79 for 4 sticks
Crystal Farms – $4.29 for 4 sticks

The Results:

All the contestants had good flavor; however, Land O’ Lakes had a nice hint of salt and a creamier texture than the other two, giving it our seal of approval. Essential Everyday’s butter was overly salty and yellow, which made it feel artificial. Crystal Farms was the runner-up with good flavor and appearance, but it just didn’t have the creaminess of Land O’ Lakes. No wonder the iconic yellow box is so widely recognized and loved!


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