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Which peanut butter are we nutty for?

In honor of National Peanut Butter Day on January 24th, we set out to find the best one for your future sandwiches. The winner was very smooth, spreadable, and had a rich taste, sure to please any peanut butter lover.

The Contestants:
Essential Everyday – $1.99 at 11¢/ounce
Skippy – $1.99 at 12¢/ounce
Jif – $2.49 at 16¢/ounce

The Results:
The majority disliked Essential Everyday’s peanut butter because it was too thick, making it hard to spread, really dark in color, and lacked a strong flavor. It seemed artificial. The packaging was dull and lacked personality. Skippy was softer than Essential Everyday, yet harder than Jif, and had a more prominent roasted peanut flavor to it, but lacked a really strong and present taste. Although it was a little thick, it was still easy to spread and enjoy. The packaging was a little off-putting. Although eye-catching, there was too much going on for our liking. That leaves us with our overall winner, Jif. It was more smooth, creamy, soft, and had a stronger peanut taste than the other two. The packaging is iconic, of course, but the taste and consistency ultimately gave it the winning advantage.

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