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What pre-made stuffing should you buy for Thanksgiving?

The answer may surprise you…

As we rapidly approach the holiday season, it’s time to start planning for the great American feast: Thanksgiving dinner. One of the most popular sides for the big meal is stuffing. Some may choose to make it from scratch, while others prefer to purchase pre-made stuffing. In our latest brand test, we decided to help the latter with their choice.

The Contestants:

Pepperidge Farms – 18¢ per ounce
Market Pantry – 18¢ per ounce
Stove Top – 33¢ per ounce

The Results:

It was surprising how different the three pre-made stuffing brands were in appearance, taste, and texture, but there was one that clearly stood out: Target’s private label, Market Pantry. It was soft, moist, and had an overall great taste. Stove Top had an over-powering salty taste to it, with stronger hints of herbs and beef than the other two brands. Pepperidge Farms tasted good, but was very dry and crumbly. One plus was Pepperidge Farms’ product came in a bag, which was perceived as premium and more natural than the other two’s boxes. Our team liked Market Pantry’s packaging photography the best. It appeared to be more real and less posed compared to the other brands, which in turn made it more appetizing. The best part about Market Pantry besides its taste and packaging? It only costs about a dollar for a six-ounce box!

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