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Great Video from The Cheerios Effect – Canada

Many of you will remember the turmoil surrounding a Cheerios ad featuring an interracial couple and their (adorable) daughter that aired last year. In response to the controversy, General Mills aired it again during the Super Bowl—doubling down on their commitment to showing real families in their ads.

Since that episode, we’ve been watching to see what Cheerios will come out with next and love the latest video from Cheerios Canada! It features a charming same-sex couple telling the story of how they met, and the day they met their daughter. The ad is part of the broader Cheerios Effect campaign, which focuses on stories of love and connection. This campaign continues the effort to show real families..

“No matter who you are, where you live, or who you choose to share your life with, we believe everyone is worthy of connection – and everyone has a story worth sharing.”

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