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Made to Stick Part 1: Simple

In Made to Stick, the first principle of stickiness is simplicity. Simplicity is about finding the most critical essence of an idea, essentially its core.

Honeymaid highlights this principle in their recent ad, “This is Wholesome”.  The ad depicts non-traditional families that are multi-racial, composed of same-sex parents, and single parents amongst other differences.

In this example, the unifying idea is that each is a family and that family is wholesome. Because these families are shown enjoying Honeymaid products such as Teddy Grahams and Graham crackers together, it further suggests that Honeymaid is also wholesome.

The message is concise and explicit, and wholesome is the most critical message attached to the ad.  The simple message conveyed is a sticky message.

What other “simple” ads have you seen recently?

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