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Subscription Snack Boxes

Snacking just got easier.

Through new subscription snack box services like graze, NatureBox, and Nibblr, healthy, portion-controlled snacks are delivered on a recurring basis to your home or office.  Snack box services provide subscribers with a convenient and personalized variety of snacks to enjoy between meals and on-the-go. It’s a new way to think about how we snack.

While the snacking options differ between companies, the majority of the foods offered meet consumers’ demand for health-focused items. Most consist of traditional fruit and nut type snacks re-invented in unique sweet and savory combinations.

Because the types of items offered in snack boxes are so similar, the key to success in this market seems to be personalization, a growing consumer trend.

Both graze and Nibblr utilize customer ratings to determine the types of snacks that will arrive in the subscriber’s box. Based on subscriber preferences, these companies select different items to be sent in each box. However, both services have limitations on these preferences. NatureBox is different in that it allows customers to directly choose which snacks they will receive in each box. Unlike graze and Nibblr, it also allows customers to sort and choose snacks by dietary needs, with options to choose gluten, soy, nut, or lactose free snacks, amongst several other options.

Although all of the services provide customers with the healthy product offerings that are easily accessible, it is the levels of customization that snack box services can offer that will determine which snack box subscriptions consumers will choose moving forward.

Have you tried a snack box subscription? What has been your experience?

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