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Who makes the best microwave popcorn?

As the weather gets cooler here in Minneapolis, people will begin to spend more nights in with blankets, movies and popcorn. Many people have their go-to microwave popcorn style and brand, but in our latest brand test we set out to discover the best microwave popcorn.


The Butter-Flavored Contestants:
Act II
Orville Redenbacher
Cub Brand
Pop Secret
Jolly Time

The Results:
While all of the popcorn was good, there were two brands that really stood out to the IN Food Marketing & Design team: Pop Secret and Jolly Time. Both brands had lovely, fluffy kernels, the perfect amount of salt and wonderful butter flavor. We preferred Pop Secret’s natural coloring, where Jolly Time was a little too fake yellow. We also liked Pop Secret’s classic blue and yellow packaging over Jolly Time’s electric yellow. However, we think Jolly Time makes the best microwave popcorn for one simple reason: it has no trans fat. Pop Secret’s butter flavored popcorn has about 15g trans fat per bag! In light of the FDA’s recent announcement that they plan to ban trans fats from our food supply, we encourage you to choose trans fat-free foods until they are eliminated from the market.

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