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Ranch Dressing Brand Taste Test

We compared the flavor and packaging of 4 different ranch dressings from Hidden Valley, Kraft, Litehouse and Marzetti. In our blind taste test, we tried each ranch dressing with carrots, and then the battle began! This was the most contested brand test we have had in a long time. The IN crew simply could not agree which was the best tasting ranch, so we have two recommendations.

Marzetti was our overall favorite, with nice flavor and mouth feel. The dressing is also preservative-free and smelled the freshest. The packaging stood out, too. With the gold top, clear glass jar and clean design, this was the classiest packaging of the four and our favorite look.

Hidden Valley was slightly more tangy than Marzetti (perhaps they make it with more buttermilk?). While it did not win the overall taste test, it was a close second for most of the IN crew. Many of us love the squeeze bottle packaging because it’s easier to use, but otherwise the design is not inspiring.

Litehouse was the most divisive of the dressings: one person loved it, while most others ranked it last. It’s not going to be the new office ranch, but we liked their clean packaging that conveyed quality and simple ingredients.

Kraft was our least favorite. It was slightly beige compared with the other three ranch dressing and the taste was a little sour. We were split on their new packaging, too: some liked their clean design and reclassification of ranch as the “Anything Dressing” –we are in the Midwest after all, where ranch seems to go with nearly everything– others thought it fell flat.

Our Final Recommendation: While Marzetti was the winner, almost everyone ranked Marzetti and Hidden Valley as their first and second favorite tasting ranch dressings. It was very close. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong choosing either.

Which ranch dressing do you prefer? Is there a private label brand you recommend that we should try?

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