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The Best Food Apps

There are a wealth of apps available out there to enhance your food experience. It can be hard to wade through the clutter to find a great app, so here are a few that we INdorse! Just download and enjoy.

What to eat:
Harvest – The perfect app to help you choose produce at the grocery store with specific tips about how to select the best fruit or vegetable from the pile, how to store it after you’ve bought it and the level of pesticide residue commonly associated with it. We love it because the interface is quick and easy to use when you’re standing in the produce section.

Where to eat:
Foodspotting – Know what you’re getting yourself into before you walk through the restaurant doors by perusing photos uploaded by past diners. You can search for photos from restaurants nearby or get a glimpse of the menu from a specific restaurant. Users can also mark a specific photo if they want it, if they’ve had the item and if they loved it. You’ll know what’s popular and maybe even what you want to order before arriving.

How to eat it:
Epicurious – You can browse recipes by category, e.g. Chocolate Desserts, Oscar Party Drinks or Super Bowl Snacks, or find recipes in their great search feature. You choose the main ingredients, dietary considerations and dish type and they generate a list of possible recipes.

When to eat:
OpenTable – Enjoy free instant and confirmed restaurant reservations through this easy-to-use app. Search for a specific restaurant or a restaurant nearby—filtering by neighborhood, cuisine and/or price—then read reviews before reserving your table. You can even get parking information.

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