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Cream Cheese Brand Test

Cream Cheese Brand Test

 The Contenders:

Crystal Farms       Essential Everyday      Philadelphia

Tested with:  David’s Deli “Everything” flavored bagels

This week we set out to determine which cream cheese brand made the spread. We were surprised to find that they were very similar in taste. The texture is where the products stood out differently. Crystal Farms (pink bowl) was soft and spreadable, but seemed oily. Essential Everyday (orange bowl) had a rather shiny/fake appearance. Philadelphia (yellow bowl) had a more wholesome, goat cheese appearance.

Cooking Tip: Our Creative Director, Lori, always cooks with Philadelphia cream cheese when making her famous cheesecake because it has the most reliable and delicious results!

It’s amazing that when blindly testing something as simple as cream cheese, Philadelphia  stood out.

Is Philadelphia your favorite bagel-topper?

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