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Brand Test: Premium Ice Cream

With summer now a distant memory, we decided we could hang onto it a little longer by testing everyone’s favorite warm weather treat. We chose three premium vanilla ice cream brands: Sonny’s, Graeter’s and Izzy’s. Two of these (Izzy’s and Sonny’s) are popular local brands, and the third is based in Cincinnati.

As with all our Brand Tests, we judge them blindly so none of us is influenced by our individual biases.

And, since our evaluations are based on more than taste alone, we take time to note the color and texture of each before diving in with our spoons.


We were almost evenly split in our love for Izzy’s and Graeter’s, with Izzy’s eeking out the lead by a narrow margin. Several people commented on its natural-looking color and creamy texture. We also loved Izzy’s packaging, with its clean, simple label. Graeter’s also won over a number of fans with its natural vanilla bean flavor and creamy, melty texture.

Sonny’s was the least favorite with our group. It had an icier, gummier texture and “fluffier” appearance. One person commented that it had a licorice-like flavor. However, in all fairness to Sonny’s, the variety we tested was Vanilla Bean compared to the other brands’ Vanilla flavors. This could have accounted for flavor difference, since it wasn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.

We all agreed that we’d gladly test these brands again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day…

Do you have a favorite brand of premium ice cream you think we should add to our next Brand Test?

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