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Chipotle’s New Asian Spin-Off

Here at IN we love us some Chipotle! We’ve been hearing about an experiment they’re doing in Washington D.C. and are very intrigued! Chipotle is opening a restaurant called ShopHouse, Southeast Asian Kitchen, using the same tactics and marketing plan as Chipotle restaurants – but with a new Asian concept.  It works just like Chipotle, start at one end and customize your sustainable and fresh ingredients. You can order things in sandwich form or in a bowl, both very convenient. The inspiration for ShopHouse came from street food from Singapore, Bangkok and Hanoi. Let’s hope the experiment works out well for them, I’d love to try Chipotle’s version of Asian Cuisine! Read more at ShopHouse, Chipotle’s New Asian Spin-Off, Opens In D.C. What do you think about this new concept?

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