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The scoop on salsa.

It’s time for another brand test! With spring (or lack there of) jumping quickly to scorching temperatures, we decided to put salsas to the test­ – for a taste of summer.

The four contestant’s were:
1. Green Mountain Gringo
2. La Preferida Organic
3. Newman’s Own
4. Lunds & Byerly’s

Lunds & Byerly’s variety of color was high ranking, along with Green Mountain Gringo’s fresh appearance. La Preferida looked runny and was decided as looking the least appetizing. After smelling the sweetness of Newman’s Own, and the strong vinegar scent of Lunds & Byerly’s, it was time to taste.

Most of us thought Newman’s Own tasted more like spaghetti sauce than salsa, and La Preferida was too sweet with a strong chile powder taste. Lunds & Byerly’s was smoky, with a hint of vinegar and rated, by far, the worst of all four. Not only was it unappetizing, it cost the most at $6.49! The one that took the cake, but still not cake-worthy, was Green Mountain Gringo. It had the freshest look with the most chunky veggies, and wasn’t too sweet or runny, and the second cheapest at $4.15.

Although we thought these all would be a summery treat, treat might not be the right word for these jarred salsas. With reactions of “yuck!” and “eww!” for a couple of these salsas, we now know what not to buy! See for yourselves if you don’t take our word for it!

What’s your favorite salsa variety?

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