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Would you like carrots with that?

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. recently announced they will be the first fast food restaurants to add turkey burgers to their menus. This announcement came as a bit of a shock since both chains are usually front runners in the race to clog arteries (e.g. Hardee’s 1,500 calorie Monster Thickburger or Carl’s Jr.’s Footlong Burger). However, with the obesity epidemic on the rise in America, QSRs are increasingly coming under fire as consumers demand healthier menu options to fit their busy lifestyles. Expect to see more and more fast food chains adopting healthier menu options or expanding their existing offerings.

Here are a few top healthier trends I anticipate seeing more of in the coming months:

  • Posted nutritional values (Panera Bread, Quiznos)
  • Expanded breakfast menus (McDonald’s)
  • Healthy sides & beverages (Burger King, Subway)
  • Gluten-free options (coming soon!)
  • Increased variety children’s menus (Chipotle)
  • Higher quality ingredients (Domino’s)

What healthy options would you like to see on fast food restaurant menus?

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