January 17, 2011

2010/2011 Trendspotting

It’s that time of year again, to look back on the old and towards the new. With that in mind, the IN crowd decided to recap the food trends of 2010 and predict what we think will be big in 2011.

2010 – Year of the Glutton.
Surprisingly, many of the fads last year, although delicious, were none too kind to the waist line.

· CUPCAKES: We love them for the convenience factor, maybe cutting a cake and using plates will make a come back in the new year.

· ALCOHOL INFUSED DRINKS: Not only in energy drinks – but even more creative – alcohol infused whipped cream. We’ve heard it’s great on jello shots.

· UNEXPECTED COMBINATION FOODS: I experienced a new Minnesota State Fair creation: the corn dog pizza. It’s as though people are running out of ideas, so why not just throw a couple things together – how very midwestern of us.

· FRIED EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING: From mac n’ cheese balls from The Cheesecake Factory, to SPAM bites at  Blue Door Pub (featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives). Fried food is everywhere!

· BELOVED BACON: It’s on everything.

Luckily, there were some healthier trends too:


· THE ATTACK AGAINST HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP: Was it “fine in moderation”, or a leading cause of the obesity epidemic?


Let’s hope the health trend continues. Here’s what we are predicting for 2011:

· PIE FRENZY: Replacing the cupcakes.

· MEN: That’s right – we predict men will be trending in 2011 (in the kitchen). Women are spending more time at work, leaving men to the grocery shopping and cooking.

· HEALTHY SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAMS: Example: Farm-to-School Programs.

· FLAVORED POPSICLES: Experimentation with veggies, teas and alcoholic drink flavors.

· HOT DOGS: They are appearing more and more on restaurant menus. Chefs are taking the average dog and sprucing it up a bit.

· FOOD STANDS: Why pay rent if you don’t have to? Food stands are popping up on almost every block.

· SMALLER PORTIONS: This is probably a great idea for the American culture overall. Genius.



· PIZZA: How creative are pizzerias going to get? Pizza is now served for breakfast with egg toppings. We may start seeing peanut butter and jelly on pizza, or more fancy protein such as oysters and crayfish.

· FOOD APPS ON SMART PHONES: Now that Verizon will offer the iPhone, even more people will rely on their phones to find the best local deals.

Be sure to check back throughout the year as we explore emerging trends.

What do you predict will be the “it” trend of 2011?

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