Vamos Hero

Branding & Package Design

Vamos! Vino

A “can do” attitude

Our client wanted to get in on the canned wine trend but didn’t want their reputation as a high-quality Argentinian blend to get lost.

Vamos Front and Back Designs

Let’s go!

First and foremost, this delicious wine needed a name to reflect its unique to-go packaging and premium quality. We made a breakthrough by combining its Argentinian identity and portability to create Vamos! Vino (vamos means “let’s go” in Spanish).

Bringing the spirit of Argentina

We paired the new name with a design that uses vibrant colors reminiscent of the spirit of Argentina paired with simple, modern text to stand out on the shelf. The streams of color bring a feeling of flowing wine, while the the simple line drawings harken back to the mountains and vineyards of the blend’s home country.

Vamos Label