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INto food


Assistant Account Executive

Lily Food Fight

B.A. Environmental Studies • Minor Economics
Denison University

Lily has always had a passion for food. Her love of all things culinary led her to a variety of food industry roles, overseeing marketing, research and sustainability initiatives. At IN Food, she helps us achieve success on project after project with her strategic mind and keen eye for detail! “I’m not afraid to dive in and get my hands dirty in order to help drive a project forward.”
Lily Food Fight

“Once I’m well-seasoned like a cast iron pan, I can turn anything into a masterpiece (culinary or otherwise).”

Ugh, so jelly!

Apparently, Lily’s up for trying just about any dish. “I love most foods, so the worst food I’ve eaten doesn’t come to mind. The most unique? Jellyfish.”

When life gives you lemons…

When I was too young to pour my own drinks, I asked someone to pour me a glass of lemonade. After being ignored I grew impatient and lifted the pitcher over my head, turning it upside down. To my surprise, the lemonade dumped out all over my head!