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INto food


Social Media Coordinator

Annabelle Paquin

B.A. Marketing & Graphic Design
University of Minnesota Duluth

Annabelle collaborates with creative and account teams to plan and schedule organic social content, manage online communities and report on social media performance. She leads the development of IN Food’s social content plans, scheduling and community management, as well as staying up to date with the latest social trends to advise clients on social strategies. Annabelle also assists with the strategy, analysis and optimization of paid social campaigns.
Annabelle Paquin

“The most unique food I’ve eaten is a frog leg. My dad lied and told me it was chicken. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t eat it again.”

High Flying Experiences

When working for an events/marketing company that produces the Duluth Airshow, Annabelle rode in an L-39 fighter to capture content. They went over 400 MPH, felt up to 4 Gs and did a few flips! Plus, ask her about her popular TikTok about a pile of dirt.

Always Finding New Solutions

Annabelle is one of our wonderful creatives, always willing to think outside the box — and she’s pretty crafty. She’s a natural problem solver who enjoys finding creative and unique solutions.