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Graphic Designer

B.F.A. Graphic Design
Iowa State University

While Maddy’s early dreams of being a rock-star or an actress have faded, her passion for drawing, illustration and graphic design-fortunately-has not. After spending some time designing for HyVee Corporate in Des Moines, IA, she set her sights on relocating to Kansas City or Minneapolis. From achieving her goals (here she is living and working in the Minneapple, after all!) to designing eye-catching graphics for IN Food clients, Maddy always brings her A-game.

Daring Diner

Maddy bravely ate black licorice-infused puffin in Iceland while studying abroad and describes it as “very unique…”

Foodservice Factoid

Maddy’s brief stints in ice cream scooping and dining hall foodservice gave her a deep appreciation for workers in this industry. She’s glad to be on the design end now, but says these experiences really opened her eyes to the fact that people in foodservice are some of the hardest workers out there!

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