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Bookkeeping & Administrative Services

B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication
Minor: Spanish
University of St. Thomas

Erin lives to solve problems and make other people’s lives easier. She’s dabbled in everything from pizza making to event planning, which means she brings a diverse variety of skills to the table. Erin is the team member who keeps those sometimes-tedious (but important) administrative tasks in order so everyone else can focus on the work they are passionate about.

Adventurous Homebody

While Erin enjoys spending most of her time at home in Minneapolis with her family, she is an avid traveler. Whether it’s a quick jaunt to nearby places like Duluth, or a multi-month adventure in South America, she’s always up to learn more about other places in the world.

Spell it Out

Erin studied Print Journalism and still gets twitchy if she sees things that are not AP Style like ‘alot’ or ‘towards’. Sending something to print with a typo will always be one of her worst nightmares.

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