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Account Coordinator

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
B.A. Journalism (Strategic Communications); Minors: Spanish Studies and Management

Drew is a discerning marketer with a natural feel for the good stuff. Case in point: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups rank highly on his merit-based rating scale. Almond Joy bars? Not as strong a concept. Candy aside however, Drew brings a wealth of experience in the Twin Cities marketing and advertising world to the IN Food crew. He’s done the large full-service Ad Agency scene, the small design and branding firm bit, and we couldn’t be happier that now he’s landed here with us. Drew’s ease and familiarity working in the marketing and advertising biome make him an asset to the IN Food team and a trusted partner to the clients he interfaces with as he supports our Account Executives in realizing all sorts of delicious projects.

Foodservice Factoid

Drew’s parents owned an Edible Arrangements business for a few years, and as a result Drew learned to take orders over the phone and prep fruit skewers at a tender age. From fruit skewers he moved on to Frappes, working at a total of five different Starbucks stores throughout college—two of which were new locations that he helped open!

Peculiar Pizza Picks

Ask Drew about his favorite flavor of pizza and you might have to ask him twice. Döner Kebab (or Gyro) pizza is his pie of choice! As none of us in the office have actually tried this, we can’t confirm or deny the recommendation. What we can do is congratulate Drew on being hip to the current global fusion food trend.

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