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Social Media Contest

Putting the spotlight on chefs

Neighborhood to Nation celebrates regional chefs for their creativity. Utilizing organic social media and cause marketing, we challenged operators to get their community involved in the contest through a competition for the most liked recipe.

Neighborhood To Nation Recipe

Recipe for success

The annual competition asks operators to bring their best dish to the table. Winners are declared in each region of the country, with one winner taking home a cash prize and a donation to their favorite charity.

Winner, winner

We spearheaded a voting system based on social engagement. Operators had to get their community involved and win over other voters by receiving the most likes, comments and shares. This generated buzz all around the country for the restaurants, their charities and the Neighborhood to Nation recipe contest.

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Neighborhood To Nation Results

Results are in

The result was an organic social media success, with widespread engagement including:

  • 157,430 impressions