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Full-service capabilities to ensure your
foodservice marketing success.

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY & PLANNING: At the heart of effective foodservice marketing is a solid communication strategy. Through our proven process, we can help you craft marketing, media and campaign strategies that will engage operators and set you apart from competitors. Whether you’re launching a new product, seeking a channel-specific approach, or needing to drive case sales of an existing product, our team has the foodservice expertise to develop solutions that will drive results. (And we’ll provide robust campaign reporting to prove it!)


BRAND DEVELOPMENT: Creating a foodservice brand that will break through in today’s competitive market takes much more than a well-developed logo. We’re experts at working with you to develop your brand positioning, brand purpose and visual strategy to bring a solid foundation and consistency between all your campaign elements. From creating product-specific branding to developing your overarching foodservice brand, we have the proven processes that consistently achieve remarkable outcomes.


ACCOUNT SERVICES: Before our creative team puts pen to paper to develop behind your foodservice campaigns, our account team is working diligently to guide you through the briefing process, asking insightful questions and helping to craft the right key message. Our internal processes are second to none, meaning we don’t miss details and deadlines. You can count on our account team to work as an extension of your marketing department, strategizing with you and being excellent stewards of your campaign budgets.


CONTENT STRATEGY: Connecting with foodservice operators means understanding their pain points and engaging them with solutions that will help solve their issues. With 25 years of foodservice expertise, we can craft a content strategy that will leverage the unique benefits of your brand and products, paired with astute industry insights. From creating a foodservice-specific blog, to developing compelling ad copy and website articles, our team makes it a seamless and easy for you to deliver relevant and inspiring content.


CREATIVE SERVICES: Bringing your marketing message to life in a way that resonates with foodservice operators takes a solid strategy and breakthrough, compelling creative execution. Our team has a full range of capabilities to make any campaign stand out against your competitors. From concept, design and production, to photography, videography and art direction, we’re experts at developing and executing creative – both print and digital – to take your foodservice marketing to a new level. Check out some of our recent work.


DIGITAL STRATEGY: As increasing numbers foodservice operators are seeking out your products through internet searches, both desktop and mobile, it’s critical that they are finding you through effective SEO and paid search. In addition, ensuring that your site is easy to navigate and provides an optimal user experience will ensure they maximize their time on site once they get there. We can help create a digital strategy that drives visits and helps you bring operators further down the sales funnel. From website design and development, to email strategy and execution, to our Google Ad Words certified approach, we can help you engage foodservice operators, and lead them closer down the path to purchase.


SOCIAL MEDIA: If you’re not currently leveraging the power of foodservice-specific social media, you’re missing out an opportunity to connect with operators in real-time, meet them where they’re at, and engage them in a 2-way conversation. Our proprietary INgage social media process makes it easy, even for teams with limited resources. From developing your social strategy and voice, to creating inspiring content calendar and posts, to on-going community management, we manage the details so you can focus on other areas of your foodservice business. And with results like these, you’ll see why you chose IN!


EXPERIENTIAL: There is real power in letting foodservice operators experience your brand and products, from sampling at tradeshows to creating in-market promotional events. From defining your strategy and executing the visuals, to developing a full communication surround at your event, we can make your brands and products pop. And, along with our Food Connections partners, we can assist with any experiential need, from culinary to videography.


RESEARCH: The foodservice industry is constantly changing, with emerging trends, government regulations and ever-evolving consumer demands. To make informed decisions, it’s crucial to have the right research to guide your decisions. Whether you are seeking primary qualitative or quantitative methodology, consumer preference testing, or a comprehensive competitive analysis, our team is here to help. In addition, with access to a breadth of foodservice industry data, publications and resources, we can assist with your secondary research needs as well.