Costanzo's Health Knead

Brand Positioning and Package Redesign

Bettering a Better-for-You Bread Package Design

By using a revolutionary plant-based ingredient, Costanzo’s Bakery developed a delicious dinner roll that won’t spike blood sugar levels, making it ideal for consumers seeking a better-for-you option. The problem? When it was initially launched, the packaging relied on “low glycemic” language that was confusing to customers.

Old package design

Brand Positioning & Initial Concepts

Package concepts

And Costanzo’s Chose…

Final package design

The creative wordplay with need/knead speaks to the unique blend needed for a healthy lifestyle while the tagline statement incorporates the high taste appeal and immediately connects to the key benefit. Details of the design incorporate the credibility of Costanzo’s (since 1933) and retain the core Costanzo’s red as key brand connector. If you look closely and know your grains, you’ll notice fenugreek and other ingredient illustrations frame the corners to connect with the proprietary, plant-based blend.