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  • August 26, 2020

Our Favorite Twin Cities Sandwiches

Take a moment and visualize your favorite sandwich. What's on it? What kind of bread? Sauce? Protein? Toppings? Perhaps it’s something you make at home, or it’s a favorite from a restaurant. Naturally, when we talk about anything food-related as…

  • April 30, 2020

Reminiscing a Cheesy Victory

Good news: April is National Grilled Cheese Month. And it gives us another reason to boast about one of our talented designers, Alyssa. Why, you might ask? Beyond being an incredibly skillful designer, she makes a MEAN grilled cheese. We’re…

  • February 17, 2020

How do you salsa?

Salsa falls into a category of its own—it can be a condiment, a dip, and so much more (if you feel otherwise, let us know in the comments!). Here at IN Food, when we love something we put it to…

Four Bottles Of Prosecco
  • December 6, 2019

Which Prosecco Should You Raise a Glass With?

Prosecco is often overlooked. It’s a sparkling wine, but it’s not Champagne. In fact, their differences spark a heated debate in the wine industry. You can learn more about that all in this article by Wine Folly. For the purpose…

Two Beers On A Wood Background
  • June 6, 2019

The Brew Review

We love our North Loop home. It’s a quaint hub for fine eateries, dive bars, coffee shops, breweries and much more. To celebrate the official beginning of patio season, we took off early on a Friday to sample delicious brews…

  • April 12, 2019

Meet Emily, our new Graphic Design Intern

Please join us in welcoming Emily Hanson to the team! Emily is currently in school at Dunwoody for graphic design, has a foxy-looking pup and enjoys baking in her limited free time. She caught our attention with her quick wit…

Hands Holding A Phone That Is On Social Media
  • March 6, 2019

5 reasons social media is a foodservice game-changer

Social media is culturally ubiquitous these days. It’s a tool that allows manufacturers to connect with operators in any place. However, in spite of its ease of use, access, and affordability, few foodservice manufacturers leverage social media in their marketing…

IN Food Marketing & Design's Kitchen With Many Dogs In It
  • February 28, 2019

Hot Diggity Dog!

Working in the creative field we need room to run, jump and play. Kind of like dogs… This is what it would look like if everyone in our agency were a dog. Alyssa: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Like the Cavalier…

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